Basic concepts of web hosts

Anyone who wants to enter this web world and desires to live long, then he / she must be familiar with the terminology used in this field. If you believe that all relevant factors before choosing a hosting plan, then only he / she will be able to have a successful future in this world. The user should not choose any of the plan, but he / she must choose the best and most appropriate and this can be made possible the recovery of the best information and explore all the requirements. The newcomers have to start from the base. They have to learn the meaning of each and all terms used, and even beyond the factors that may influence your choice.
Web Host
? Web host refers to a computer connected to the Internet. Internet host can also be defined as "webserver". The team is playing the role of the Web server must be more powerful than a normal PC and the function of this web server is serving web pages.
The website content will continue on this machine, as well as people who are surfing the Internet can obtain a form to access your website.
There may be three main categories in which the web host can be classified by the economic factor and common features:
1. Free Host
Users who are not professionals, but are making website only as a hobby then for them free hosting can be a good option. In free hosting space, bandwidth and features provided otherwise very limited. With free web hosting you can not only make your website successful but is also suitable for personal websites or for temporary use. In general, free accommodation applies a pop-up text or banner ads. Reliability, performance and customer support is lacking in the case of free hosting as well. When a user is logged in a number of self then the word free host is added to the domain name the user gives a negative effect on the eyes of visitors.
2. Shared Host
The next type of web hosting to be discussed is shared hosting. This hosting service is used by many websites. This accommodation is ideal for personal business, small and medium enterprises. This service can be used to pay $ 1 to $ 25 a month. The features offered by this service vary from very limited space / bandwidth to semi-dedicated servers. The host of its website users of this type of accommodation and has its own top level domain. No doubt that shared web hosting is much better than free hosting but still not 100% satisfactory services. In the case of a shared hosting server is shared by many websites for its performance and availability is affected. More websites usually means less performance. If the smallest number of websites are hosted on a server then it is more expensive, but in this case there is more chance of reliability. There are many companies that allows customers to host multiple websites with different domains with one account.
3. Dedicated Host:
The next type of hosting is dedicated hosting. This accommodation is more reliable hosting. In this type of accommodation on a full server dedicated to a single client. Usually this type of accommodation is used by large companies, professionals and active sites in front of thousands of visitors per day. Customers who have dedicated hosting can have full control over your servers, and can create their websites they want. Customers can manage their own hosting company on a dedicated server rental. Payment indicated in accordance with the specifications and services provided by the server, which varies from $ 100 to $ 800 dollars a month.
4. Posted Host:
However, the alternative accommodation to be discussed is welcome. This service is very similar to dedicated hosting. The difference between housing and dedicated hosting sites, located in hosting the customer owns the server hardware, rather than rent. In this service the server is placed in the center of the data provider. This service is more expensive than dedicated hosting.
5. Reseller Host
In reseller hosting providers offers web server storage to their customers and resell the web server storage to them. Typically, vendors offer retailers at reduced prices.
6. Other host:
Including the above type of hosts, there are many other computers, such as e-mail host, mass armies, armies, etc, but these machines will not be discussed in this article.
Domain Name
Domain Name is the name that indicates the location of a site. The current address of the site is a set of numbers. Each web server has its own unique address. Domain Name indicates the actual address of each website. You may remember the domain name of one of the site. Remember the domain name is easier to remember IP addresses.
Space is one of the services provided by the web host. It plays an important role in the development of websites. It often happens that the client requires more space, but provides no results, so customers should be very careful when choosing a web host. Storage is the amount of space on web servers available on disk for files in the site reviews, images and databases. The space can be based on the requirement can be as small as 5 MB in some free hosts and as big as 300GB for some dedicated servers. Previously, prices in the area were very high, but lowering the price significantly in recent years. Hosting plans offering 3GB of space for less than $ 10 a month can be readily available.
Bandwidth can be defined as the amount of data downloaded from the web server to web browser clients. When ever a person perspective in a page of data is transmitted from the server to the PC that the person ". If anyone has audio, video and photos on your site, then the bandwidth consumed is more, compared the site that contains text only. The bandwidth available in free hosting can be as low as 100 MB per month when, as in some dedicated servers available bandwidth is up to 2000GB a month. Customers who do not want to pay more for bandwidth can easily find hosting plans offering 75GB of monthly data transfer for less than $ 10.
Server Type
Usually the server, the operating system that runs the Web server. Some common types are Windows, Linux and UNIX. Server Type refers to the script server side and database types. The difference between Windows servers and Linux / UNIX is that Windows runs ASP and ASP. NET with Access database or SQL Server in which, as Linux / Unix in general, runs CGI, JSP or PHP with MySQL or Oracle. The other difference is that Windows servers are more expensive than Linux / Unix.
As the server type also discussed above, we know that there are different types of databases available. The most common is MySQL is open source GPL (free) and can serve a large number of requirements for on-line ', such as forums, content management, mailing lists, MySQL etc, but its features are limited. MySQL is small enough to care, but is powerful for complicated sites big business. Big business requires more powerful databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.
Server Side Scripting
Newcomers generally prefer to use scripting language PHP as server side. The reason for this is that there are hundreds of open source (GPL) PHP scripts that are able to meet the needs of webmasters. But PHP also has some limitations advanced features required by Web sites such as MySQL, due to this limitation some professional web developers prefer to use ASP. NET or JSP. Some other developers still prefer to use Cold Fusion, CGI, ASP or Perl.
Now, the next important aspect to be discussed and email. For the moment we can not go further in this world of computers for your email account. What we are planning to do any kind of activity through the computer to perform the work or providing any service, so the first thing he / she has to do is open an email account. There are many hosting plans that include the ability to have multiple email accounts with the domain of the client. The availability of number and size of mailboxes depends entirely on what hosting plan you choose. Typically, this feature is not included in the free housing. Plans to offer only 10 small beads on the plans of the children have a limited number. Usually the email accounts are web based and accessible through POP3 clients well.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
The other service is FTP. File Transfer Protocol is a common way of transferring files over the Internet. Most webmasters use to upload and download your content sites via FTP. The process of loading or unloading is performed using the FTP client software. Webmasters require username and password for FTP access to the web server. There are all the computers they use to provide more of an FTP account to their customers for their condition. Instead of FTP is not specified, but not advisable, for security reasons.
Control Panel
Control Panel is the service provided by many web hosting companies to their customers. This is a web based application that helps in managing websites. Some of the important functions performed by the control panel used to manage e-mail accounts, providing statistics, managing FTP accounts, domains and subdomains management and database management. The implementation of the control panel that is used primarily by the user is cPanel. There are many companies that use them to develop their own implementation of the control panel.
Now, after all services, the concern is that as the user still maintains its uptime website most of the time. If anyone has a website with great features, but remains most of the time will be of no use, like when you visit their site and found it down then we will think twice before visiting. Later, they will suffer the loss of visitors. Date is very important characteristic of web hosts, and that is usually measured in percentages. If a server remains for about 30 minutes a day will have an uptime percentage of about 99. 98% is acceptable for most websites for small medium enterprises. If any of the company's website is not to have at least this percentage availability of the this web site is not suitable for the company's Web site. Mission-critical sites can not tolerate frequent interruptions, so you can use the services of tracking website to inform network administrators saw a pause when it happens.
Finally the factor left is price. This option is also great variability, for example, the customer has the choice between prices ranging from 0 to $ 1,000 per month. For personal sites, small and medium enterprises, the total amount of expenditure is only $ 15 a month. So I do not recommend it to all owners of websites for companies that choose very cheap under $ 5, because the price may indirectly lead to huge costs later.

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