Windows Media Server Streaming Live Video: How to Set It?

Hye all!
I have a question about Windows Media Server Video streaming distribution. Based on my diagram below: http://www. Geocities. com / xmielax / serverx …
I want to transmit a live video streaming on the Internet, where anyone can see from your PC. However, I would like to capture video from different places, you will understand if you see the diagram * * hopeful. From what I know now, that must be connected to the PC right? But what I think is really based on the image. It is necessary that each PC connected to the camera should be installed with Windows Media Server? However, from any camera position / live broadcast is clicked our main server (via VPN), where our main server to host a web / mail servers, firewalls and all that is central. Or just do easily, is that someone has an idea of how to distribute a live video on this camera is far from our server