Dedicated Servers?

I'm trying to organize a site that allows users to upload videos. I was told I need a dedicated server for it. I noticed that some hosting companies and the costs are crazy! Most start at $ 100/month. and force me to have a server administrator myself.
So I think it would be better to get my server and host the site. I wonder why I do this. . . May have?

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  1. You do not need a dedicated server unless your site is very busy, but if you re-encode the video to fit with Flash Player, you can enjoy a nice massive amounts of CPU power. Add to this the fact that the videos are bandwidth intensive and end up paying for it and can see why shared hosting is not ideal.
    I recommend starting on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is a sort of halfway house dedicated servers, and if the site grows you can always have a dedicated server later.
    You should totally get your own server, such as the placement is expensive and your home Internet connection is not fast enough.
    VPS starting at $ 15 a month. http://www. vpslink. com and www. provps. Com are lowEnd VPS in the U.S., and yes, it takes some expertise. Maybe you could share a VPS with someone else (like me) to share costs and make them do all the administrations.
    Yahoo! maniacmartinuk
    Maniacmartin Martin @ msn. com

  2. Certainly need to have a dedicated server with a hosting company's reputation. Forget that hosts the site on their own, the cost is at least five times, as if to do so through a web hosting company. Feel requires you to have his administration, its own generator, the connection to their intenret and then theres the cost of electricity, etc. This is just to achieve something similar to what you can get online for about $ 100 a month.
    If you were doing simple web hosting to be able to deal with a DSL or a cable connection to the network, but video requires more bandwidth. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more help.

  3. Hosting will cost more. $ 100 a month is too much. Check out www. ixwebhosting. com
    They are one of the best and not even close to $ 100 per month.
    To do this you need a server with a lot of disk space. I would say at least $ 1500, then you have the software license. Going with Linux, if you are familiar, or you're going to have to deal with the costs for Windows Server 2003. Then, depending on the bandwidth, you may need to update the Internet to allow inbound access. Besides server management, server backups, UPS to keep the server running in the event of power outages, etc..

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