Web hosting, defined

Web hosting can be defined as renting space on a web server in its simplest form. You should keep in mind that a website is a collection of files linked together by HTML code to display text and images on a computer. However, the site is not complete here until it appears on the network. To make it visible to the world must be hosted on a computer somewhere that has Internet access. This is possible only through a computer rather special device is needed to define how the web server. A Web server can be defined as a computer configured with special software that allows you to receive requests from the website of the files stored on it and send the files over the Internet so that the equipment requirements can view them.
Web Server, and making visible the site has several other functions and allows you to create email addresses based on domain name and also helps the sending and receiving emails with them. There are several types of software installed on your web server that allows a website to run programs, create and manage databases, display video, etc. Note that almost any computer can function as a web server, but it is the software is what makes a server.
When shopping for a web host, to pay the monthly fee includes the costs of maintaining and upgrading server hardware and software, the cost to keep it online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a protection center data with an Internet connection fast and powerful, and cost of the services of professional experience. It is amazing to know that you can turn your home computer or office on a web server, if you really want, not just economic. So it is better to outsource. Different types of hosting available, which are outlined below:
Types of hosting:
Shared Hosting – Through a shared server can save a lot. Speaking after the incidents of spamming and black lists by different search engines are the main problems. These problems arise because of the reasons several sites to assign a specific IP address. You should request a different IP address for your website (additional monthly) to ensure the user of this type of problem.
Dedicated Hosting dedicated servers are best for large, highly trafficked Web sites, which require large amounts of server resources to run. One shortcoming is that shared hosting server resources are shared among all sites housing and respond to requests for pages. If you are in a dedicated environment can better manage server resources. The downside is that dedicated servers will operate normally $ 50 per month or more. Shared hosting can be purchased for a minimum of $ 5 per month. Most small and medium businesses have neither the website size or bandwidth requirements for cost dedicated servers.
Server Co-Location – If you want to have total control over all aspects of your web server, he / she can opt to buy one to keep for himself whether he / she has sufficient knowledge. There is still a chance that you do not have enough resources to keep their servers completely safe from power outages, roof leaks, thieves, unwary employees and other problems and, moreover, it is possible for him / her to have a fast connection to broadband internet with the outside. So you need a data center to provide such services for him / her.
Co-location is the center that provides services such as physical security of rent, electricity, and follows a fast Internet connection for a trusted server that you have. Servers However, the data center is responsible for any hardware or software maintenance for a co-located, but the user of your car. So it's a cheaper alternative to dedicated hosting, if you have the necessary knowledge and time to run a Web server itself.
There are several web hosts offering UNIX hosting and Windows hosting.
UNIX Hosting
There are several web servers in the world largely runs on UNIX. UNIX is an operating system originally developed for servers and networks. So far, several versions of UNIX were written by programmers around the world under the open source protocol, which means that the code for the operating system is openly available, allowing programmers to customize and improve when and where needed. The two most popular Linux and BSD UNIX that comes in several varieties, like Red Hat Linux, Debian, SuSE and FreeBSD. The best part of most UNIX versions of the above can be obtained for free, which makes UNIX hosting cheaper for a web host than other operating systems. Other points of UNIX is that UNIX hosting platforms are generally considered stable, secure, powerful and fast. This is why web application programming can be accomplished by software that is available for UNIX platform.
Windows Hosting
Another very popular operating system developed by Microsoft and the Windows operating system, Windows Server 2003. Like any other good thing is that the price and can be obtained by purchasing a license, which in turn increases the cost of operating the network host usually results in higher prices for this service. This is considered a negative point compared to UNIX. Plus points include Windows is very easy to use, but is generally considered less potent and safe to work in a UNIX network environment. There are several programming languages like ASP, ASP. NET, and Cold Fusion, which will only run on a Windows server and Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft's database program Access. Therefore, the above are some of the most important scripts for some applications, web programming, and is the intention to use them, while building your site, he or she definitely needs first to find a Windows host.
Before looking for a web host, is essential to know some important terms used in the organization. Are discussed as under:
Storage or disk space, since their website is a collection of files that are offered online to see, you need to store somewhere for retrieval and take up space. For each Web server is a limited amount of memory on the hard disk, which is divided and offered to welcoming customers. There are different levels of package, so to pay more for more space and vice versa expressly that divide the space above. If a website expands its space then you must purchase additional space on the web host.
The bandwidth or data transfer, one of the parties is fundamental to the bandwidth. There are several sites that lose their host due to discharges that are causing budget beyond your expectations. Occasionally, the charges also host hundreds of dollars for extra bandwidth. You should confirm before making any host. Generally, ideal for hosting providers offer the initial band of 25 to 50 GB for users.
Date: This is a universal truth that, in the case of Web servers are an ideal time, it would be very high, and management and implementation of websites around the world the clock, all year. It is also true that the Web server computer are simple and, like any other computer may fail or need repair or upgrade. Often, web hosts, 99% uptime guaranteed, and if not refund a certain portion of money the user depending on the amount of excess downtime they experienced.
The traffic statistics – traffic statistics programs means that track visitors to your website. These programs are able to say how many times a user visits a site, how many unique visitors and how many were returned more than once, which pages were most popular, where visitors come to your site, what the terms used in research search engines, etc. In addition to offering different types of information that are useful for marketing one website to a targeted audience. There are several web hosts that offer some kind of software the traffic statistics with their hosting packages.
CGI Scripts – There are several web hosting which offers a variety of free CGI scripts with their packages. CGI scripts are things like counters, guest books, programs in the form of email, bulletin boards and other programs that allow a website to perform commonly desired functions. Most CGI scripts are written in programming languages such as Perl, PHP or ASP.
So we must be very careful and keep all the above points in mind when selecting a web hosting provider.

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