No dedicated Web servers come with DNS installed?

I wish I had my own dedicated server take care of DNS. This is possible or can I use the DNS service provided by my domain registrar? My domain registrar is different from another hosting company, and since they are a company abroad, I think that its agents would be very slow DNS. Then, all dedicated servers enable DNS or varies with the company?

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  1. You can have your own DNS server running on your dedicated server. E 'possibile. And "your dedicated server, after all! When you purchase a dedicated server, you are free to install any software or services you need, keep it legal. DNS servers are absolutely legal:) I know of no company dedicated DNS servers that do not allow software to be installled!
    So, to move away from its slow DNS registration, simply point your company name server ns1. CompanyDomain. TLD / ns2. CompanyDomain. eu "to the IP of your dedicated server. This should be done at your record. Ns1/ns2 the record is created for the Registrar are called "glue" record. Then I will give ns1/ns2. CompanyDomain. eu "to its customers and that is where they have to point your domain A.
    Be sure to ask your provider to do this for you because it can cause interruptions or bad. Hopefully your provider is fully managed and can assist in this task.
    By the way, my name is Joe and I help run a dedicated server and managed VPS fully managed firms (see bottom of page for more details if you're interested).

  2. Any service provider sells a dedicated server – GoDaddy, Rackspace, etc – should include a DNS service as part of the package.
    You can also use the registrar's DNS server, if you feel technically comfortable enough to do it yourself.
    As a rule, the DNS service is local to the user, not the host. In other words, if you MyWeb. com as the domain, when writing in MyWeb. com in my browser, not the DNS server addresses, I use my domain servers your ISP to resolve the address. DNS servers to the Authority only for your domain – that is, to specify the DNS servers, you are telling the world that when it comes to MyWeb. com, the DNS servers have the correct CNAME, A, MX, etc records of that domain, and hence the elements must be considered authoritative for your domain.

  3. I think the DNS service is varied with the company, because I use my company's managed and hosted server that gives me any type of service. p. s. – Http: / / www. onthenetoffice. com. . if you have something you're looking for

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