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Even for a layman, it is important to understand the concept of web hosting. Visit a website that displays a Web page is downloaded from the Web server on the user's Web browser. In general, the website consists of many websites and web pages includes text and graphics. Now, these pages are stored and made available to visitors to the web server.
So for a layman, if your intention is what is the website, so that the first step would be to host a vendor to host the website on the web server. Once the site is on-line on the server, users can browse online through the website. All this work to provide housing for service providers called Web-Hosting Provider.
Any web host capable of hosting thousands of websites, for example, iPowerWeb is a web hosting company that hosts the most popular websites in quantities of lakhs I. e. 3 lakhs. Because of this sole reason for this hosting company need many web servers for the conservation of the site. Subsequently, these servers are connected to the Internet and stored in the center, a physical 'data'. As these web servers must be fully operational during the time they have become secure data centers that 24 / 7 environment and fire protection, HVAC temperature control, virus detection, backup of computer data , backups, redundant power and capabilities of full disaster recovery.
Now, after learning what web hosting is also important to know the different types of web hosts which are summarized below:
Shared Hosting
As the name suggests, shared hosting several websites share a common physical space on the web server. A web server physically capable of hosting thousands of websites at one time, depending on the host site. With so much pressure on Web servers tend to suggest that due to pressure, perhaps the Web server performance is affected. But that thought is totally wrong for this reason, only the web servers are equipped with powerful high-end equipment to support a large number of websites to a certain extent, without any problem. However, it is also possible when more load on Web servers that the answer is wrong.
To get rid providers host of known and experienced this problem constantly continue to monitor the performance of Web servers and continues to add new web server, when and where needed. Like many web sites share the same physical web server, the cost is generally low to start as low as $ 5 – $ 20 per month and must also accept the slower response time from the server.
Dedicated Hosting
In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting on a dedicated web server is assigned to a single client. Due to a server from a client is that its ability to host single / multiple websites, you can change the software configuration, handle greater site traffic and also can scale bandwidth, when taken as necessary. It is because of this structure, dedicated hosting costs a lot, starting at $ 50 and can vary up to $ 200 to $ 500 per month. So dedicated hosting is regularly used by major websites with high traffic count.
Co-location hosting
The only difference between dedicated hosting and co-location hosting is that here, in this case, customers can have the hardware in your web server, in the case of dedicated hosting customers can simply rent the web server at the reception . This co-location hosting offers customers greater flexibility in monitoring and maintenance. Here, in this case 24 / 7 server monitoring is also possible that they could circumvent the problem of slow response. Because of all profits above the co-location of plenty accommodation costs related to space and win monthly bandwidth required is as high as $ 500 – $ 1000 per month.
Reseller Hosting
The third type of accommodation is reseller hosting provider that offers web space storage server to other parties at a discounted price, once again sell it to his client. Typically, resellers are web consultants, such as web designers, developers, and systems integration company that, after freight rates, which is also up to 50% (considered as a discount) can resell web hosting. Resellers can create their own hosting company and may decide on its pricing structure by establishing its own brand.
In case of resale of reseller hosting to customers, the distributor is the web hosting provider. When a technical problem as the server downtime or any problems of access in this case the retailers to resolve all current web hosting providers. However, this is not as effective because it leads to an unnecessary waste of time because of the different channels involved in the communication process as the first retail customer-contact and real contact dealer Web Host provider and the same with the response is also back by the same process, so the problem concerns a long time. So hosting reseller is not considered a good option unless you have your personal website or is having an alternative for the poor support from a retailer.
Now, with competition in the market increasingly is having a lot of retailers that sell their services at a very low price. Because of this and other factors as well as some web hosting providers offer their own toll free number to retailers for the cooperation of technical support brand, makes this the most difficult decision of choosing which one is right.
So it is more important to act wisely and not get caught up with the marketing techniques employed by retailers, such as Outlook for your professional web sites and other strategies, as evidenced by the technical support in its own name, which is actually supplied by the supplier, not theirs, but tend to have so that such support.
The general characteristic of the distinction between dealers and accommodation is in first place for the price of housing and, secondly, the information society, including its balance sheet example iPowerWeb. com to get the information about your company, which published their financial strength, its offices, with modern equipment, data centers. Against this retail business of such failure and the price quote which is generally less than $ 5 per month, while providers charge between $ 7 and $ 10.
So considering all these facts it is easy to conclude that due to a difference of $ minute one should not get hit in the dealer network and has to go to the best structures in place after the harassment.

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