2 thoughts on “What is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting?

  1. Windows and Linux applications tend to use two different web server. Sites of Windows use the Windows IIS server, while almost all sites use the Linux Apache.
    Linux sites focus on PHP, Perl and other scripting languages, open the server side scripts source. Windows-based sites used, NET and ASP technology. They can also offer support for PHP.
    Linux sites offer the MySQL database as backend for content storage. Sites can offer Windows SQL Server, though some versions of Windows offers MySQL.
    There should be no difference between the two if you use web standards more stringent in the HTML. However, you should be aware that Dreamweaver is a Windows-only product, you can put some things on non-standard HTML code. Home too.
    As long as they adhere to accepted web standards and not use Windows centric things in place, you should have no problems with anyone.

  2. Linux Web hosting is the best solution for most web masters. Why script hosting support in Linux. You can use an SSH connection to administer the web server.

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