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E-Icon Online Services Pvt. Ltd, a leading web hosting company to offer cheaper Web Presence solutions to help enterprises realize the power of the Internet and ensure that all businesses will have their own "www" address. Company provides high speed web hosting on Windows or Linux dedicated servers U.S. with OC-48 backbone connectivity (2. 488 Gbps), to provide the best hosting solutions for companies around the world. our most of our servers in the U.S. with 99 data centers. 99% Server Uptime and India, with 99% of time at 24 hours. E-ICON Dedicated Server Hosting plans represent unrivaled selection for dedicated servers. Each is also backed by industrial grade infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime. They are ideal for customers who want high-performance dedicated hosting solutions with the core managed services needed to support the common functions of Web hosting and applications. E-ICON offers several types of dedicated server solutions for their business needs with the flexibility to configure your server, choose a wide range of customization features, ranging from the operating system, RAM, control panel hosting, firewall, backups, etc. For Linux / Windows Server 2003 e-ICON offers dedicated hosting applications, databases, blogs, and retailers can enjoy the real benefits of 24 ? 7 monitoring, security patches, with support ticket system priority, and service level agreements that have been available only for fully dedicated server our engineers have worked hard to tie the different services managed service offering that is now also available in some of our popular operating systems, control panels, the backup services, anti-spam services, and managed DNS services. This product offers a global platform for all software developers, resellers, hosting providers, bloggers, and is a perfect solution for housing 1000 's open source applications. Managed Services offering is available at this time throughout the month of October, with "Free cPanel or Plesk. To go on this offer visit: www. eicononline. com in the coming months, fully managed virtual datacenter, advice and great facilities for Manged be available. Dedicated Server Admin Call Hotline: 91. 09246533012 Hyderabad, India 91. 09341259359 Bangalore, India,

Eicon Online India Pvt Ltd, is a web hosting company in India, premium, offering quality web hosting for Linux and Windows. Our hosting solutions web site security 99. 99% of the time server and promote a web hosting environment that is protected from viruses and spam email.

High Volume best accommodation for video and audio on the website?

I'm thinking of a business selling video and audio clips for use in broadcast, commercial or personal project. Anyone have suggestions for a reliable hosting service that can serve large video files (500 MB or more). Il server avrebbe bisogno anche di avere un pacchetto di conversione, come ffmpeg Installato per il video di fornire ridimensionamento Anteprime with a watermark. Of course, I would prefer cheap and then start the service scale as it grows. I like a "pay-as" type of service! Neither far my research has made a perfect solution.

Who is the host site for Ffmpg Best Web Support?

Looking for a great host for a site I'm working the media and need the following:
LAME MP3 Encoder
GD Library 2 or higher
cgi-bin, mysql, ultima versione di PHP, mencoder and mplayer.
You need at least 80 GB of space with 3000GB of transfer.
Just wondering if someone uses a great host and can refer.
GoDaddy Hosting GoDaddy I so please do not say:))
Thanks in advance.

Free hosting or paid for the best accommodation option

Everyone likes something for free. However, free is not always best to choose from. Sometimes it can even be harmful. If you thought of paying web hosting, you want to take the following points into consideration.
Web hosting companies offer their services for free will probably not stay in business for long. Why is it that some companies offer free streaming? How is the money going? There is always a price for everything, even something that pretends to be free. A company may offer free accommodation, if you're trying to build your business. Its value can be demonstrated, but they can charge their existing customers additional costs to offset their loss. It's just another form of advertising.
Many businesses lack the ability to manage servers, Web sites can make a game with free accommodation. However, if the burden of society is excessive, your website can be switched off! Another problem with free hosting is limited resources. Free offer of accommodation is only a limited amount of space. It will probably be enough to put a dozen pages. However, if you have a very active site, which is rapidly running out of space.
One very serious limitation is load. If you decide to go with free accommodation, have placed strict limits on the amount of bandwidth you can use. If your site is hot and makes a lot of traffic, the web host can ask to leave or be locked for the rest of the month. A certain amount of bandwidth can be given for the use of each month. Once you have reached this amount will not be able to have other visitors at the beginning of a new month.
With free web hosting, shared computer with a lot of other websites which may well affect performance. If you choose to migrate your site already established, it can raise other issues that could have been avoided. Another problem with free web hosting is the lack of support. When you pay for accommodation, you can usually get a certain amount of technical support to help should problems arise.
If you happen to lose some files due to accidental deletion or has a virus attack, web hosting companies are the options available to help. If the server fails, the site will be up and running when the server appears. If you have a small site, this can not be a problem for you. It is true that free web hosting companies may be able to protect the site against viruses and attacks. However, can only receive minimal help, if you need the services that go beyond this.
One of the most serious constraints may have nothing to do with technical issues. Free web hosting services usually require your website to make the advertising that pays the hosting. This may or may not bother you. All this depends on the person. If you anticipate that your site will grow and be active, will soon eliminate the need for free web hosting. In the end, you get what you pay for, so it may actually end up paying for web hosting.

If you need high quality or FFMpeg Hosting VPS Hosting with guaranteed uptime to look high and no further.

What is the Best Web Hosting On Line for my site?

I did a graphic design on the web page in Dreamweaver and now I want a hosting site for this. What would be the best way to get. I do not need any functionality of PayPal. I just need a domain, but I need a lot of other pages, as I have lots of artwork.
I want a customer service that is pretty good. That would show my website in a Google search. And one that has a good link to my site is never down.

Dedicated Server Hosting is the best solution for hosting providers?

Having a dedicated server hosting account provides greater flexibility for a company that needs to acquire hosting for your website. It also allows the customer to have more control over the server or servers that are used. Some control is available to dedicated hosting account, which is not available with shared hosting package, is that the choice of operating system you are using a custom script installation and hardware options.
A dedicated hosting service, which is often described as a dedicated server or managed server, dedicated hosting is a specific type of website hosting that a company can choose to get the site files uploaded and have your site display on line. When a client decides to any type of dedicated hosting, which rent the entire server and not shared with other clients of the hosting company.
There are many cases where a company with a growing web presence hesitate to make the transition to a dedicated server hosting agreement. They have the misconception that means that the dedicated server should be housed and managed locally. In fact, most sites that run on dedicated servers are the premises of the managed hosting company that will provide all the support and maintenance of the clock.
Managed Dedicated server hosting is a convenient option because the client has the assurance that came with the server and is 100% exclusively used for your website needs only. This eliminates the problems of downtime that may be caused by problems at another site that is on the same server and security problems. Many companies have a lot of proprietary information and customer databases that need to be protected and managed dedicated servers help add an additional layer of data security.
While the options of shared web hosting plan cheaper, but they are also less secure. Besides security issues, there are also accessibility problems that should be considered. If another site on a shared server is a great promotion and experiences a sudden increase in traffic, so that could make all websites on the server to load slowly or even inaccessible for periods of time. With a dedicated hosting service, the only traffic flow that must be considered and planned for and under the supervision and plans of the company using the dedicated hosting.
Dedicated hosting is the best option when considering a web project "mission critical" and when the site owner wants to concentrate on content development and site design elements and leave all the technical questions of the experts. The web server hosting providers offering dedicated server management are responsible for the technical support staff available around the clock to immediately take care of the problems, and ensure that the server is up and running at all times.
When a company is new or has a relatively minor on the Internet, shared hosting is usually more than enough and is budget-friendly option. However, since the traffic demand and complexity of the website grows, account after hosting a dedicated server will probably become a necessity at some point.

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