Components of server to host video sites?

Ok guys, can you tell me the best way to organize a clone video site YouTube. .
I'm talking about encoder and server components. . .
We already know.
LAME MP3 and so on. .
Does anyone know any payment encoder as the source of this is free and open source. .
I am looking for a good qulity encoder for coding server side.
I know people will not be able to answer this question.
If you know how to install and configure these things contact me, can have a job for you, (fee), of course.
Thank you all in advance. .

Dedicated Server Hosting is profitable?

Hosting is the process of getting a website online. To obtain a site on the Internet at all times, people put their own website with the help of an Internet service provider (ISP).
In regard to accommodation, you will find lots of companies offering web hosting services in different packages. If you have your website hosted with a company able to provide dedicated hosting server, then you need to pay extra money for it. Dedicated hosting is preferable for large organizations or clients who not only need professional assistance for their needs but also are willing to pay more money. Obviously, dedicated hosting is more expensive than normal accommodation, but the benefits outweigh the costs.
Dedicated hosting companies often offer hosting services to measure and eliminate all the hassles of worrying about hardware issues and troubleshooting. If you expect to have much traffic to your site, we recommend dedicated hosting server is essential to your website. Dedicated Server rental options involves a whole range of server software, scripting languages and the appropriate hardware for the site.
If you think your website needs hosting dedicated server then you have to take care of some points before selecting a hosting company. You need to know the services offered by the company in terms of necessary software and hardware. The most important things to consider are the server uptime, backup power, the type of operating system (OS) and the control panel. The control panel is used to control access to the site. The server uptime is the time or the length of time during which the site runs through the server.
If you are looking for a company that offers web hosting Dedicated servers then I can assure you that Olive Web Hosting is the best choice for you.

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When choosing a dedicated server

When choosing a dedicated server: As your business starts to flourish and, perhaps, develop other sites related to your business, may be time to consider switching to a dedicated server. Although a dedicated server is a costly initial investment in the long run may actually end up saving money. Nothing is more frustrating that your customers can access their site. This can happen if you do not have enough bandwidth, but are a bit 'of traffic to your website. Like anything else, more traffic to go through the faster you must move customers in and out. Increased bandwidth and space to offer the following advantages when it comes to choosing a dedicated server: – More space, more space for forums and shopping carts with a database of more bandwidth to accommodate customers more and are easier accessIf your business is growing, or if you have several websites that have developed websites, where you collect the money from the revenue from ads on the Internet, a dedicated server may be the best solution. Yes, the initial set-up cost is high, but usually lease the equipment in the utilities will continue to keep your computer each time you update your system. This ensures that the team does not become obsolete. There are many options when it comes to choosing a dedicated server. Most dedicated servers cost about $ 100 per month and some of them with more personal service may cost more. The dedicated server you choose depends on your experience with computers, your budget and how to use your site. If you are looking for less expensive dedicated servers, you should be careful in choosing the right specification and package. Things to consider are the operating system, data backup and monitoring service, hardware options, space, bandwidth and technical support. Ask your hosting provider to give you some websites for references, read hosting reviews before signing and make sure the price is affordable.

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What you need in the dedicated hosting server pt. 2

Ok … I tried to cover the essentials of dedicated hosting in a single article, but after getting half way, I realized it was not possible. This article will give a little more of the factors to consider. Platform in the world of web hosting, platform refers simply to the underlying operating system. Although this is not as important in a shared hosting system, it is very important for a dedicated server. So what platforms are available? More than likely, we find web hosting providers that offer Windows or Linux. Some also offer Mac OS X and Unix variants, such as Free BSD, Open BSD and a lot of other systems. Technical guru can say that Linux and Unix are the best option for the server environment, but that's not always the case. True, Microsoft Windows has a history of security problems, but the system has advanced greatly, especially with the recent edition of Windows Server 2008. While all systems have their weaknesses, each can be increased to provide a level of safety standards. The key is finding an operating system that you feel comfortable. If you are familiar with the functionality and usability of Windows, the complexity of Linux can lead to a cycle. While some plants from the web hosting companies offering dedicated server packages to technologies already installed, plus several others. This means that until I can for you and your IT staff to install the web services such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS SQL Server and so on. If this is the case, you must also install system patches and security software. This is certainly something that should be represented, especially if they lack the knowledge to make these complex installations. In this case, there is a need for experienced staff on hand, or a host that offers dedicated solutions to the most important technology pre-installed. Support in its purest form, dedicated hosting is a situation where they are more or less alone. All web host is not the house of the computers, providing connectivity and ensure continued operation. That said, you still need a package that comes with 24 / 7 technical support and customer service. You should not have to buy a fully managed service or pay ridiculous rates just to have someone on the phone. Unfortunately, there are some companies trying to charge the customer for the delivery of aid that does not cost a cent. Administration Server is one thing, paying extra money to get answers to simple questions – This is madness. Considerations more because I feel I've left things? Why is there so much that goes into a dedicated hosting server. Apart from what I have tried in these two articles, one should also consider Internet access, data backup, software control panel and more. Ascend to a dedicated server is a big step and calls for careful consideration. In fact, I was stuck with two crappy shared web hosting services – which would have been much worse if I got stuck with two dedicated servers shit.

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Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India

E-Icon Online Services Pvt. Ltd, a leading web hosting company to offer cheaper Web Presence solutions to help enterprises realize the power of the Internet and ensure that all businesses will have their own "www" address. Company provides high speed web hosting on Windows or Linux dedicated servers U.S. with OC-48 backbone connectivity (2. 488 Gbps), to provide the best hosting solutions for companies around the world. our most of our servers in the U.S. with 99 data centers. 99% Server Uptime and India, with 99% of time at 24 hours. E-ICON Dedicated Server Hosting plans represent unrivaled selection for dedicated servers. Each is also backed by industrial grade infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime. They are ideal for customers who want high-performance dedicated hosting solutions with the core managed services needed to support the common functions of Web hosting and applications. E-ICON offers several types of dedicated server solutions for their business needs with the flexibility to configure your server, choose a wide range of customization features, ranging from the operating system, RAM, control panel hosting, firewall, backups, etc. For Linux / Windows Server 2003 e-ICON offers dedicated hosting applications, databases, blogs, and retailers can enjoy the real benefits of 24 ? 7 monitoring, security patches, with support ticket system priority, and service level agreements that have been available only for fully dedicated server our engineers have worked hard to tie the different services managed service offering that is now also available in some of our popular operating systems, control panels, the backup services, anti-spam services, and managed DNS services. This product offers a global platform for all software developers, resellers, hosting providers, bloggers, and is a perfect solution for housing 1000 's open source applications. Managed Services offering is available at this time throughout the month of October, with "Free cPanel or Plesk. To go on this offer visit: www. eicononline. com in the coming months, fully managed virtual datacenter, advice and great facilities for Manged be available. Dedicated Server Admin Call Hotline: 91. 09246533012 Hyderabad, India 91. 09341259359 Bangalore, India,

Eicon Online India Pvt Ltd, is a web hosting company in India, premium, offering quality web hosting for Linux and Windows. Our hosting solutions web site security 99. 99% of the time server and promote a web hosting environment that is protected from viruses and spam email.

Why Dedicated Server?

Why Dedicated Server? A dedicated server includes an operating system (mostly some variants of Linux or Windows), Web server, related software (eg a MySQL server, Control Panel, and more) and Internet access, stay in the local Web hosting company. E 'typically required for a Web site or group of sites related to the company that can develop a considerable amount of traffic. The server can usually be configured and managed remotely by the customer and the server can be customized to your needs. Can be assigned to work solely as a resource server and can not be used as a client. The server is owned by web hosts, and if you do not have physical access to the server. A dedicated web hosting is advantageous, while developing a business complex or a high-end e-commerce site, as you need more space and security – a web server dedicated to your business. Is acquired by a company when it wants more control of their servers. What to buy or rent the hardware from the hosting company who then normally support and management. Internet access is provided to the server, in many cases, more than 10 or 100 Mbit / s Ethernet. Dedicated servers are most often in data centers, similar to the co-location facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. You do not need a large initial investment to setup. Typically, unmanaged hosting plans include hardware, operating system, web server and Internet connection. Managed plans however include the basics and practically everything else that the only thing that worries me is your website and its contents. A dedicated server could also be a computer that manages printer resources. However, it is important to note that not all servers are dedicated. In some networks it is possible for a computer to act as a server and perform other functions well. If you are looking for less expensive dedicated servers, you should be careful in choosing the right specification and package. Things to consider are the operating system, data backup and monitoring service, hardware options, space, bandwidth and technical support. Ask your hosting provider to give you some websites for references, read hosting reviews before signing and make sure the price is affordable. We know that the dedicated servers on this site are what give you more reliability and flexibility for your money.

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Windows Media Server Streaming Live Video: How to Set It?

Hye all!
I have a question about Windows Media Server Video streaming distribution. Based on my diagram below: http://www. Geocities. com / xmielax / serverx …
I want to transmit a live video streaming on the Internet, where anyone can see from your PC. However, I would like to capture video from different places, you will understand if you see the diagram * * hopeful. From what I know now, that must be connected to the PC right? But what I think is really based on the image. It is necessary that each PC connected to the camera should be installed with Windows Media Server? However, from any camera position / live broadcast is clicked our main server (via VPN), where our main server to host a web / mail servers, firewalls and all that is central. Or just do easily, is that someone has an idea of how to distribute a live video on this camera is far from our server

Finding a dedicated server

Finding a Dedicated Server: A dedicated server can be very different from the normal accommodation, can 'also be a little' hard to find. Technically speaking, you're your own server is usually the owner of the page you will be managing. If you are a small company they are probably looking for a solution to run, the larger companies seeking a managed dedicated server. Even the largest companies will be looking for fewer problems usually can afford it. Before embarking on a dedicated server that will host your site, be sure to review all options. There are hundreds of advertisements on the Internet for dedicated servers. Some of them seem very cheap, while others seem out of your price range. How do you know who are honest and do the best job for your Internet business? By the time you reach the point of looking for a dedicated server, you're probably making substantial income on your website. And "this is important to continue without interruption. It is also important that you do not pass through a new dedicated server each month. Do your homework and find the best server for you. There are many different directories and online advertising dedicated servers. Before you start to think, make a list of what you need and then start shopping. Consider as if you're buying a car. When shopping for a car, usually know what you're looking for. This should be the same case when looking for a dedicated server. Know what you want and know the price and you will be able to find the ideal line of dedicated server, which offers everything you need for your business website online. If you are looking for less expensive dedicated servers, you should be careful in choosing the right specification and package. Things to consider are the operating system, data backup and monitoring service, hardware options, space, bandwidth and technical support. Ask your hosting provider to give you some websites for references, read hosting reviews before signing and make sure the price is affordable.

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