Auto Update Adult Video Script ? Plz Help Plzz. . ?

hi, i need an auto update video script. . which can automatically get videos from youtube and other popular video websites. . i need to make an adult video site. . plzz help. . . also i want that script which can be put on hostgator hosting. . so take FFMPEG into account as well.
is there any video script that doesnt use ffmpeg ??
auto updating is must. . plzz let me know the name of the script or any download link. .
free is wat i want. .
plzz help me out. . pleeeeezzzz

Is There Another Way To Convert Video To Flv At Runtime Using Php?

I couldnt get the ffmpeg at all. I mean i really dont know how to install it.
And my webbased hosting doesnt have ffmpeg installed. Heres the thing, im doing backend or CMS for a client. So there would be video section on frontend. So the backend should have page where video can be uploaded. Unfortunately, when you upload flv file, it doesnt work. So it really needs to be converted as it is uploading. Just like in youtube. It doesnt matter if i need to program it in PHP and AJAX.
i did research regarding this and FFMPEG appears in most of the results. Ok i really dont get the instructions. Besides, even i got how to install it on my local pc. On my web-based hosting, it wouldnt be installed, because hosting companies who are talking to us like smart kids are totally idiot.
Now, are there any options besides ffmpeg?

Components of server to host video sites?

Ok guys, can you tell me the best way to organize a clone video site YouTube. .
I'm talking about encoder and server components. . .
We already know.
LAME MP3 and so on. .
Does anyone know any payment encoder as the source of this is free and open source. .
I am looking for a good qulity encoder for coding server side.
I know people will not be able to answer this question.
If you know how to install and configure these things contact me, can have a job for you, (fee), of course.
Thank you all in advance. .

Video site script and website hosting Dedicated too cheap to run the site?

Hi, I'm not exactly trying to do well "next YouTube" his most personal reasons.
My current host does not allow streaming video (though it clearly says) for webhosting, Case your wondering its Hostgator. I asked about it and also to support the guy did not know he says he supports. . . therefore also said the email support (because it was a chat) and support tells me that just wants the bandwidth too, so have webhosting allow video streaming video with a sort of FFMPEG plugin. . then in any case, then tell me that your dedicated server, it does not. . but prices are a little 'high for me right now and I wonder if a site that has a lower price. . then if you have no choice, but also uses Gators. . Much thanks in advance:)

Video Streaming From Home – Check it for your videos!

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