Auto Update Adult Video Script ? Plz Help Plzz. . ?

hi, i need an auto update video script. . which can automatically get videos from youtube and other popular video websites. . i need to make an adult video site. . plzz help. . . also i want that script which can be put on hostgator hosting. . so take FFMPEG into account as well.
is there any video script that doesnt use ffmpeg ??
auto updating is must. . plzz let me know the name of the script or any download link. .
free is wat i want. .
plzz help me out. . pleeeeezzzz

Ffmpeg-php? Please help !!!!!?

I have an upload video site like YouTube. When a video is uploaded you receive this message. . .
Fatal error: Class''not ffmpeg_movie found in / home / video / public_html / includes / function … 174 online
I was told that I need to install ffmpeg-hosting for PHP on my workload. Where can I find someone to do this for me, and what should I be looking to pay for the service.
Thanks in advance any additional information that may provide relevant information on this problem would be a great time or not.