Need scripts upload videos?

Ok, here's the deal. I need a simple video script that does not use ffmpeg. Ffmpeg hosting and I have been so slow and is not a ffmpeg hosting site out there that can provide enough space or bandwidth to do anything.
I moved to another host and now have unlimited bandwidth and space to convert to FLV is not a problem.
There is a script around the world which allows users to upload any video they want and create a thumbnail? That uses a default player?
1. User uploaded a video on my server and creates a JPG in miniature.
2. A miniature particular page appears.
3. Click on the image and plays.
Sounds simple or is it? can not find one anywhere around

What you need in the dedicated hosting server pt. 2

Ok … I tried to cover the essentials of dedicated hosting in a single article, but after getting half way, I realized it was not possible. This article will give a little more of the factors to consider. Platform in the world of web hosting, platform refers simply to the underlying operating system. Although this is not as important in a shared hosting system, it is very important for a dedicated server. So what platforms are available? More than likely, we find web hosting providers that offer Windows or Linux. Some also offer Mac OS X and Unix variants, such as Free BSD, Open BSD and a lot of other systems. Technical guru can say that Linux and Unix are the best option for the server environment, but that's not always the case. True, Microsoft Windows has a history of security problems, but the system has advanced greatly, especially with the recent edition of Windows Server 2008. While all systems have their weaknesses, each can be increased to provide a level of safety standards. The key is finding an operating system that you feel comfortable. If you are familiar with the functionality and usability of Windows, the complexity of Linux can lead to a cycle. While some plants from the web hosting companies offering dedicated server packages to technologies already installed, plus several others. This means that until I can for you and your IT staff to install the web services such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS SQL Server and so on. If this is the case, you must also install system patches and security software. This is certainly something that should be represented, especially if they lack the knowledge to make these complex installations. In this case, there is a need for experienced staff on hand, or a host that offers dedicated solutions to the most important technology pre-installed. Support in its purest form, dedicated hosting is a situation where they are more or less alone. All web host is not the house of the computers, providing connectivity and ensure continued operation. That said, you still need a package that comes with 24 / 7 technical support and customer service. You should not have to buy a fully managed service or pay ridiculous rates just to have someone on the phone. Unfortunately, there are some companies trying to charge the customer for the delivery of aid that does not cost a cent. Administration Server is one thing, paying extra money to get answers to simple questions – This is madness. Considerations more because I feel I've left things? Why is there so much that goes into a dedicated hosting server. Apart from what I have tried in these two articles, one should also consider Internet access, data backup, software control panel and more. Ascend to a dedicated server is a big step and calls for careful consideration. In fact, I was stuck with two crappy shared web hosting services – which would have been much worse if I got stuck with two dedicated servers shit.

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I need a website host that supports ffmpeg?

Currently, I am very happy with my current hosting company and is looking for a host that is reliable, courteous and excellent technical support staff able to answer questions. Currently running phpFoX script. I need to know if well-established companies that support this script, especially the optional requirements. I am enclosing the link requirements to their needs.
Most large companies have more than 1500 gigabytes or unlimited space and 15,000 gigabytes, or unlimited bandwidth at prices from $ 5. 99 to $ 7. 99 agreements for two years. They are fast and reliable unlike my current host. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not waste both our time.
Server Requirements: http://www. phpFoX. com / Konsort / needs /
Web Server API – Apache, CGI, ISAPI and FastCGI
Supported operating systems – Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac IIS
PHP Version – Minimum – 4. 3. 3
MySQL Version – Minimum – 4. 1
GD complied with your PHP installation – Yes
SendMail – Yes
The PHP safe mode – OFF
PHP memory_limit – 32M
Minimum Web Space – 15 MB
Optional Requirements:
The requirements listed below are only necessary if you decide to use one of the following optional modules.
Video Module
Mplayer + Mencoder
Libogg + libvorbis
LAME MP3 Encoder
File_uploads PHP – 1
Post_max_size PHP – 100M
PHP max_input_time – -1
PHP upload_max_filesize – 100M
Music Module
File_uploads PHP – 1
Post_max_size PHP – 40M
PHP max_input_time – -1
PHP upload_max_filesize – 38M
Subsribtion System