Dedicated servers and shared server

Looking for hosting servers? But those looking for dedicated or shared server, but do not know what the difference in both cases in this article will help you find the best places of accommodation.
Mainly the servers that host are of three types of servers for free, dedicated servers and shared servers. The servers offer a free limited space with limited functionality. While the most popular are shared and dedicated servers. Shared servers are where you can share space with other users. Their websites and other people who share the same server.
With a shared server, the host typically handles the administration server, which requires little technical expertise.
A dedicated server is a computer on a single web-hosting network that is leased or rented, and dedicated to a single client. A service provider monitors the computer hardware, network connectivity and routing equipment, while the customer generally controls and maintains the server software.
But before deciding if you want time dedicated or shared server you must consider the website, if you operate a small business or a simple website of 5-10 pages dedicated server is a better choice for you. It is important to understand their need for space, bandwidth and budget before choosing the web hosting dedicated servers. Servers is the best solution for those who want large amounts of data space and bandwidth. These servers offer complete control over the entire network. The main advantages of dedicated servers is that it offers all the services the cost of small size. These servers offer ability to manage firewalls and password access for security reasons.
A small company with minimal traffic, you probably want to go with shared hosting, dedicated servers, it costs much more than a shared server.
Finally, it is important to understand their need for space, bandwidth, and budget of the choice of hosting server. Generally, a larger website with high traffic and bandwidth in bulk is necessary to choose a dedicated server, while a small company with less traffic adhering to a shared server.
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Concept of Shared Web Hosting

After designing the website of the next important thing is to ensure that hosts on the Internet. The task is not easy as there are many companies offering various types of hosting packages, as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, etc. The problem now is that I use?
It is generally considered a good idea to go for shared web hosting, if the user is in a small business and want to save costs. However, before finalizing the deal that is good to know what is shared web hosting and what are the merits and demerits of shared web hosting.
The definition of shared hosting:
If the performance of bandwidth is very high and not the points in question, then web hosting can be a shared hosting websites more convenient and affordable. . As its name indicates, in the case of shared web hosting, web hosting servers of web pages is shared by many other websites. Speaking of the number of websites on a shared hosting server can be in the thousands. Now, due to the fact that only one server is to meet the needs of many other Web sites, the point is that most are able to offer lower prices for their servers.
Since there are many websites hosted on a single Web server, but there is no need to worry about the user, such as web hosting providers do not compromise on security and performance issues in the case of a shared hosting server. Not only that, shared web hosting servers are managed, controlled and attention throughout the day for IT professionals, to minimize server downtime.
Shared hosting servers run on UNIX or other multi-user operating system and any site hosted on the web server provides a separate account for the operating system. These websites are hosted on shared servers sharing a single IP address and are equipped with a fixed amount of resources on the web.
The following are some of the merits and demerits of shared web hosting:
1. Convenient: due to the fact that many websites are hosted on a single server, web hosting provider offering shared web hosting economical. In general, the cost is $ 5.10 per month for Web services, shared hosting. Now a day due to reduced competition in the throat web hosting industry, you can find web hosting companies offering different web space and large bandwidth with a height of 1,000 MB of disk space and 40 GB bandwidth.
2. Possible: for the fact that the shared web hosting servers are managed, controlled and attention throughout the day for IT professionals who are experts in their respective fields, you can focus more effectively on its activities in the network and the problem downtime and maintenance will not bother him / her more.
3. Utility Options: For shared hosting, although Internet resources are shared, options are provided by the utility hosting companies for you to manage your control panel or web site using tools similar. The user has the ability to upload files, edit or remove pages, add database, check website statistics etc. Not only that, the user also provides an opportunity to create domain name specific email account.
4. Efficient: a web service now days shared hosting usually comes with web space and bandwidth that are more than enough web sites for small businesses. Efficiency is the fact that, in addition to the above, you can add more resources and can also overcome the web site or use of bandwidth.
1. Problem with response time: how the Web server is a shared web hosting sites on the problems of the common face of server response time slower than dedicated hosting server.
2. Reliability problem: In case of shared web hosting, the problem remains the reliability of Web hosting providers can usually take care of security and shared server performance, but it is also possible that some of hosted sites a shared server to run an ugly program or a script or use excessive resources, thus lowering the web server. Thus, because of one all websites have to suffer downtime and lack of access for shared hosting.
3. Problems related to sharing: As discussed earlier also because of one all users have to address the problem, for example, if a "bad" in the shared web server, through it all websites on server can be banned completely by the ISP or the search engine due to shared IP address. However, note that you can always pay more for a dedicated IP address to avoid the problem described above.
4. Safety: How many Web sites, a shared server, the problem of security remains in the case of shared web hosting, and it's fairly easy to hack your sensitive data from another on the same server.
So, in conclusion, one can say that before deciding what to do with shared web hosting, we must take into account all the merits and demerits of shared web hosting, as shown above. Do not forget the success of your business depends on its website that in turn depends on good host provider.

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