Auto Update Adult Video Script ? Plz Help Plzz. . ?

hi, i need an auto update video script. . which can automatically get videos from youtube and other popular video websites. . i need to make an adult video site. . plzz help. . . also i want that script which can be put on hostgator hosting. . so take FFMPEG into account as well.
is there any video script that doesnt use ffmpeg ??
auto updating is must. . plzz let me know the name of the script or any download link. .
free is wat i want. .
plzz help me out. . pleeeeezzzz

Anyone Wanna Trade Your Babeloggerv3 Script For My Youtube Clone Script??

dont wanna pay the $50 for it so might aswell ask and see if anyone wants too trade this script i got but cant use because my host hates ffmpeg and high traffic sites so yea. . script comes with everything, instructions, support forum link etc etc
example of it is at vshare. com
ill send screens or whatever you want as long as you return the favor and please dont try too scam, someone already tried to except they forgot too edit the “BabeLogger V1” in the readme
Much thanks for browsin

Video site script and website hosting Dedicated too cheap to run the site?

Hi, I'm not exactly trying to do well "next YouTube" his most personal reasons.
My current host does not allow streaming video (though it clearly says) for webhosting, Case your wondering its Hostgator. I asked about it and also to support the guy did not know he says he supports. . . therefore also said the email support (because it was a chat) and support tells me that just wants the bandwidth too, so have webhosting allow video streaming video with a sort of FFMPEG plugin. . then in any case, then tell me that your dedicated server, it does not. . but prices are a little 'high for me right now and I wonder if a site that has a lower price. . then if you have no choice, but also uses Gators. . Much thanks in advance:)