I need a website host that supports ffmpeg?

Currently, I am very happy with my current hosting company and is looking for a host that is reliable, courteous and excellent technical support staff able to answer questions. Currently running phpFoX script. I need to know if well-established companies that support this script, especially the optional requirements. I am enclosing the link requirements to their needs.
Most large companies have more than 1500 gigabytes or unlimited space and 15,000 gigabytes, or unlimited bandwidth at prices from $ 5. 99 to $ 7. 99 agreements for two years. They are fast and reliable unlike my current host. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not waste both our time.
Server Requirements: http://www. phpFoX. com / Konsort / needs /
Web Server API – Apache, CGI, ISAPI and FastCGI
Supported operating systems – Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac IIS
PHP Version – Minimum – 4. 3. 3
MySQL Version – Minimum – 4. 1
GD complied with your PHP installation – Yes
SendMail – Yes
The PHP safe mode – OFF
PHP memory_limit – 32M
Minimum Web Space – 15 MB
Optional Requirements:
The requirements listed below are only necessary if you decide to use one of the following optional modules.
Video Module
Mplayer + Mencoder
Libogg + libvorbis
LAME MP3 Encoder
File_uploads PHP – 1
Post_max_size PHP – 100M
PHP max_input_time – -1
PHP upload_max_filesize – 100M
Music Module
File_uploads PHP – 1
Post_max_size PHP – 40M
PHP max_input_time – -1
PHP upload_max_filesize – 38M
Subsribtion System