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FFmpeg is a multi-platform collection of open source software written in C for video and audio. He gave me a list of command line options you can use to do almost all needs: video conversion, ripping, encoding video files to iPod or PSP, the sequence of images, and much more. If you do not know the code and trying to use ffmpeg Player for your website and then go FFmpeg Hosting. In FFmpeg Hosting Web Hosting Service Provider pre Ffmeg Player installed on your server. Then just buy FFmpeg Hosting and within minutes you start to use your player to your site. Option FFmpeg command line options CodecFFmpeg main command line:-y overwrite output files t duration sets the recording time-fs limit_size set the file size limit set time_off later start time offset itsoffset time_off activate the offset method of TS-title string set the title timestamp time set the date and time string author states that the author copyright string defines the video options copyrightFFmpeg: maxrate-bitrate maximum tolerance set video bitrate (in kbit / s) minrate-min bitrate set video bitrate tolerance (in kbit / s)-bufsize size set the size of the buffer rate control (in kBytes)-vcodec codec codec Video of force ( 'Copy' to copy stream)-sameq use very high quality video source (implies VBR)-n PASS selected pass number (1 or 2)-passlogfile select two log file filename newvideo step add a new video stream to the video output options streamAdvanced current FFmpeg – q mblmax maximum macroblock quantiser scale (VBR)-q qdiff maximum difference between the quantiser scale (VBR)-qblur Blur video quantiser scale blur ( VBR)-qsquish crush how to keep quantiser between Q min and Q max (0 = clip, 1 = function derivative use)-qcomp scale compression video quantiser compression (VBR)-complex complexities rc_init_cplx initial 1-pass encoding factor qp b_qfactor between P and B-frames i_qfactor qp factor between P and I-frame offset b_qoffset QP difference between PE b-frames i_qoffset QP offset difference between P-frames and i-CELIM undo the single coefficient elimination threshold for the values of chrominance (negative also consider DC coefficient)-lumi_mask luminance mask mask dark space dark_mask scplx_mask temporal complexity masking masking masking complexity tcplx_mask between p_mask use 4MV four motion vectors per macroblock (MPEG4)-obmc use for motion compensation overlapped block (+ H263)-the use of the loop filter LF (+ H263)-use a portion of the data partitioning (MPEG4)-model context, a context, the forecasting method pred vprofile weight profile level vlevel-subq MEPC nssew factor (1. 0 = 256) motion estimation bitrate penalty compensation-Lowres-vtag fourcc / tag force video tag / fourcc-skip_threshold threshold frame skip threshold frame skip frame skip_factor factor skip_exp jump factor exponent exponent part compare skip_cmp comparison function to jump gray function encode / decode audio options FFmpeg grayscaleAdvanced "atag fourcc / force audio tag tag / fourccSubtitle options:-scodec codec force subtitle codec ( 'copy' to copy stream)-newsubtitle add a new source of subtitles in the current output stream of the 639 slang code set the ISO language code (3 letters) of the current subtitle stream error rate muxrate error rate set mux rate PacketSize muxdelay size set packet size the second set the maximum demux to decode delay muxpreload seconds to set the initial demux to decode delay muxab bitrate set the audio bitrate in mux tag (in kbit / s)-muxvb bitrate set the video bit rate in the Mux tag (in kbit / s) For beginners it is advisable to seek experts to do the work for you. If you need FFmpeg video codec for its hosting site and then host your site on a hosting service provider FFmpeg. Little is known FFmpeg hosting providers, the market and have good experience in FFmpeg Hosting. I've compiled a list of FFmpeg hosting experts. These providers of FFmpeg Hosting FFmpeg software pre installed on the server, you can host video on their stand or video sharing site in minutes. FFmpeg can also find some accommodation coupon on my site use the coupons to get discounts on your bill FFmpeg Hosting.

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