Dotcom-Monitor Adds Video Streaming Monitoring Service

Dotcom-Monitor Adds Video Streaming Monitoring ServicePlymouth, MN – (12/10/2007) – dotcom Monitor, the leader and innovator in providing advanced website monitoring, today announced the real-time video capabilities flow monitoring, a new service option for its innovative and indispensable website monitoring.
Dotcoms Monitor, a leader in website monitoring, announced a new monitoring service today that helps companies in the video streaming market and increases the stability and effectiveness of their video content services. This surveillance video sequence directly affects the video streaming service market was worth an estimated 600 million in 2006, according to Research and Markets, a market research group based in Ireland. Most companies that offer video images on their websites require their streaming content will be available 24 / 7 to attract visitors, advertise and provide information and educational materials. Competing in the global Internet market requires the highest quality, with minimal interruption of streams. Dotcoms Monitor helps organizations to maintain a competitive advantage through its Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee. Simple and global media monitoring
Implementation of the dotcom Service Monitor is almost effortless. The companies provide guidance and specifications of their streaming content, and Dotcom-Monitor monitors their performance. Businesses specify the parameters of communication, such as connection timeout in seconds, acceptable buffering time, and provides bps (bits per second) rate. This information is entered into a sophisticated control system, and then specify the site is monitored by 12 stations strategically located throughout the world. Monitoring stream content
Many Web sites that offer streaming content will benefit most from the added feature of real-time video streaming service package dotcom Monitor. The tracking service is especially beneficial for sites with lots of content that is difficult to control. Puntocom Monitor service, however, can do this task without interruption. Dotcom-Monitor keeps track of multiple performance metrics such as connection time, Buffering Time, packets received, packet buffer, frame rate and half Bytes per second. Through analysis of these parameters can be determined by the quality of service for periods of time, and if necessary make adjustments complete suite of services
Video surveillance is only one facet of the complete package of services provided by dotcoms Monitor. Its success is a direct result of its comprehensive and sophisticated system and analytical skills. Rather than a typical connectivity test, Dotcom-Monitor produce a quality service reliable Web service environment, which is a key component for a successful online business.
Although the appearance of a site and the benefits appear to be acceptable from a browser, access may be difficult elsewhere. Dotcom-Monitor uses 12 monitoring stations around the world to ensure that access to a site is not prevented from anywhere.
By subscribing to follow-up services dotcom companies can be confident that their online infrastructure is working, no matter where the site is accessible. The companies that are attentive to the problems using their resources to solve problems, but will be able to address complications immediately and directly. Reporting in real time, using easy to understand graphical charts that describe performance and variations, will offer an additional advantage. Immediate notification
Dotcom Monitor service to allow customers to choose not only an excellent means of communication but also the right people in the company of an alarm, notifying them by telephone, pager or email when any degradation of streaming content, site or any other matter. Warnings are issued immediately, so that the solution can begin as soon as possible problem. Dotcom-Monitor acts as an insurance policy on the availability and performance of critical content, media, ensuring that most companies can not afford to ignore. Any business that relies on the Internet and must validate QoS and the requirements of Service Level Agreement can do so easily and inexpensively by implementing the tools offered by dotcoms Monitor.

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